Barbeque Pack For Five


Have the ultimate barbeque this summer with these delicious packs

Product Description

This is the perfect pack for those who love to barbeque. You will get delicious sausages in a flavour of your choice, steak burgers, our handmade pork and apple roulade and a bottle of barbeque sauce or kebabs.

What the pack contains:
• Five packs of sausages in flavours of your choice. Look at what we have on our online shop and let us know what flavours you would like in the notes box at the checkout. Each box is 450g.
• Ten steak burgers. Our burgers are handmade from beginning to end. They contain our steak mince, and are mixed with a delicious red onion seasoning giving you a succulent and delicious burger, perfect for the barbeque.
• Five slices of pork and apple roulade. Belly pork, rolled and stuffed with our pork and apple sausage meat and scattered with dried sage. Delicious.
• A choice of barbeque sauce or kebabs. Please state which in the note box at the end.

Contains gluten, wheat and sulphites.

All our sausages and roulades are made with British pork shoulder and are made and packaged in our Monkridge factory. Our sausages have a 75% plus meat content and are made with natural skins.

All our burgers are made with British beef and are made in our Fenwick store.

For full ingredients list please view individual products.

Preparation and storage.
Wash hands, surfaces and utensils thoroughly after handling raw product and ensure product is cooked thoroughly.
Keep product refrigerated and use before the use by date on front of the pack. Once opened consume within two days. Suitable for freezing for six months, defrost fully before cooking and do not refreeze.


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