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  1. Hi

    I bought a living social sausage making class for 2 and I haven’t received anything from anyone. Other than an email from living social saying thank you for paying. How do I go about booking a couple of places?



  2. We have just made the most terrific sausage sandwiches after buying your pork & leek and sage & pepper varieties. We picked them up at a local fete (beamish hall) excellent value and fantastic flavour. We will be buying a lot more of these and look forward to trying the other flavours!
    keep up the great work!

    • Hi Lee,
      That’s lovely of you to say :) keep an eye out for new flavours, we’re always trying to create fab new ones!

  3. Hi my children purchased a course for me a little while ago, I was hoping to attend over then next week or so and just wondered do you run course’s on a Sunday.

    Regards, Stewart

  4. Thanks to Tim for an excellant course Today best wishes, Chris Executive Chef Marriott Hotel MetroCentre Newcastle

  5. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Tim and Ollie for our sausage making class that took place on Saturday for one of my best friend’s hen dos. It was so much fun and really got the day off with a bang(er) – tee hee. Tim and Ollie you were absolute legends, thanks again. Lisa x

  6. hi, we are interested in your sauage making advertised on groupon, however we would like to do it as a team building exercise for around 10-12 people, can you advise on the cost and if possible a venue, we do have an area we could use at work but unsure of H & S requirements

  7. If you need to have flawlessly cooked bacon that is not going to curl up any time you make meals it, you definitely will need to relax it in cool liquid just before applying it within the pan. You must also be sure to put the sausage inside of a frigid pan due to the fact heating systems the pan too early will cause it to keep.

  8. Good morning
    I was bought a voucher to attend a sausage making class at brookbush farm and was wondering how I go about booking on one later on in the year?

    Let me ono your thoughts

    • Hi Stephen,
      we have sausage courses running on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10AM and 2PM. If you ring 01434270657/07767265741 on a Wednesday/Thursday (when most people are in the office), we’d be happy to book you onto a course.


  9. Hi,
    I am wanting to book a sausage making course for when my Dad visits me in February. I just wondered if you did any mid week courses (as I can currently only find Friday and Saturday courses) as my Dad will be visiting on Tuesday 24th – Friday 27th February. We are based in Wallsend but happy to travel if you do any on those dates.
    Many thanks! Frances

    • Hi Frances,
      our courses usually run at 10AM and 2PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, If you ring 01434270657/07767265741 on a Wednesday/Thursday (when most people are in the office), we’d be happy to book you onto a course. If you’d like to organise a course during the week with us, please call these numbers and ask to speak to Brenda or Tim, who’d be happy to help.


  10. Hi, I am a childminder who serves a LOT of children’s meals. Recent EU regs require me to publish all allergens (from a list of 13) in the foods I serve children, which has made me think that an allergen free sausage would be a good thing to serve. Is it possible to get a preservative, gluten, lactose, celery….free sausage at a reasonable price? I’m thinking frozen would be the go. Children prefer more sausages so I’m thinking fillers wouldn’t be a bad thing. They feel ripped off with only one very high meat content sausage. Even some hidden nutrition? What good stuff can be hidden in a sausage skin? They’re not easily fooled though. Vegetarian sausages are a no-go zone, and any recognisable bit of vegetable matter would result in automatic sullen tanty-pants. Generally children prefer the cheapest, finest milled, fattiest cheapest thin sausages available, but I don’t buy those. Maximum meat portion price is 75p – £1 a child (two sausages).

    So, do you do anything like this? Is it viable? Might there be a market to schools and other children’s settings?

    A friend who did a course through you said I should ask you. She now has her own sausage machine!

    Many thanks

    Fiona Gray

    • Hi Fiona,
      we currently do a gluten free and a non-gluten free sausage. Although both do contain sulphites, which classes as an allergen, the gluten-free sausage offers a wheat free alternative, but does contain soya. As for the meat content in our sausages, we offer a minimum of 75% lean minced pork shoulder, which is bound together either with cereal or potato flakes in a variety of child-friendly flavours. I hope this helps, and if you would like to buy in bulk (our sausages freeze for 6 months), or would like to know more information, please call 01434270657 or 07767165741 during the week and we’ll be happy to help.